Cat Grooming

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  • Wonder Dogs is the #1
    Mobile Cat Groomer

    serving Palm Beach County


    No stress or anxiety for your cat when traveling in a car, cages or carriers, barking dogs, and loud noises. Each cat is groomed alone in our safe, quiet, relaxed, mobile grooming spa.

  • Cat grooms are a $90 flat fee*
    and include:

    • Ear Cleansing
    • Nail Trimming
    • Shave Pads
    • Paw Rounding
    • Haircut:
      Shaved clean or to any length,
      Teddy Bear or Lion Cut

      or Desheding
    • Bath & Dry
    • *Additional fee for severely matted cats and cats with fleas
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    Some of our latest cat grooming works
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