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  • Full service grooms start at $70

    All of our grooms include: deep-cleaning hydro-surge massaging baths, specialty shampoos, conditioners, nail cutting or grinding, sanitary & pad trimming, ear cleansing, anal gland expression, teeth brushing, blow dry, styling, cologne and accessories on request. We never use recycled water.
    All prices are estimates and can increase depending on: breed & size of dog, time required, type of service desired, coat condition, disposition of pet, special needs & frequency of grooms. Please allow us to see your pet before quoting exact price. All prices are estimates, based on dogs that have been groomed within the last 6 weeks, and can increase.
    Average groom takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

    Weight Limit 60lbs
    We accept cash only for first visits.

  • Services:

    • Full Service Custom Grooming
    • Breed Specific - start at
      * Please allow us to see your pet before quoting exact price.
      * Weight limit 60 lbs
    • Bath, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Tidy Trim
    • Small To Medium Dogs -
      Medium To Large Dogs - start at
      Call For Price
    • Cat Grooming
    • Additional Services
    • De-shed & Furminating Treatment, Dogs:
      Small to Medium Size Breeds
      Large Breeds
      * Weight limit 60 lbs

    • Additional furminating per 15 minutes
    • De-matting per 15 minutes
    • Flea Bath
    • Capstar Pill:
      Small To Medium Breed
      Large Breed

    • If your cat or dog has fleas, they will be given Capstar prior to entering the grooming van. Capstar will kill fleas on your pet up to 24 hours, thus inhibiting fleas from contaminating the grooming van, and to give you ample time to clean their bedding.
    • 4% Chlorohexidine Shampoo
      Medicated Neem Dip
    * Breeds with excessive, thick undercoats, double coated breeds, matted coat, is a additional cost, and will be determined once we have seen your pet
  • To Schedule an Appointment, Call Or Text